New Drug Target for Three Tropical Diseases
Tracy Vence | Aug 9, 2016
Researchers efficiently clear mice of the parasites that cause leishmaniasis, Chagas disease, and sleeping sickness by inhibiting the parasites’ kinetoplastid proteasomes.
Infection Assistants
Ruth Williams | Oct 22, 2015
Parasite-derived exosomes boost Leishmania infection in mice. 
Traditional Medicine for Leishmaniasis
Kerry Grens | Sep 14, 2015
A plant used in traditional Mayan remedies to cure the parasitic infection produces a potent compound.
Week in Review: July 21–25
Tracy Vence | Jul 25, 2014
Blood-based Alzheimer’s diagnostics; CRISPR cuts out HIV; Leishmania and the sand fly microbiome; deconstructing the lionfish science fair debacle
Are Leishmania Protecting their Sand Fly Hosts?
Ruth Williams | Jul 23, 2014
The microbial contents of sand fly stomachs may have important consequences for the spread of leishmaniasis.
Genome Digest
Cristina Luiggi | Nov 2, 2011
Meet the species whose DNA has recently been sequenced.
Piggyback Pathogen
Jessica P. Johnson | Sep 1, 2011
Editor’s Choice in Immunology