Myriad Genetics Inc.
Do Patents Promote or Stall Innovation?
Catherine Offord | Jun 1, 2016
A petition recently filed with the Supreme Court triggers renewed debate about the role of patents in the diagnostics sector.
Myriad, Post Mortem
The Scientist Staff | May 31, 2016
David Schwartz of the Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago, Kent College of Law, discusses the impact of the US Supreme Court unanimously striking down Myriad Genetics' patent of human BRCA genes and tests to detect mutations in them.
Myriad Settles Suit
Tracy Vence | Jan 26, 2015
The Utah-based firm has settled its lawsuit claiming patent infringement against Pathway Genomics.
Patent Plea Ping Pong
Kerry Grens | Aug 21, 2014
A genetic testing firm accused of infringing upon Myriad Genetics’s gene patents fights back in an attempt to wipe other patents out.
Another Legal Setback for Myriad
Kerry Grens | Mar 11, 2014
A judge declines Myriad Genetics’s request to block its competitors from selling BRCA tests.  
The Scientist on The Pulse #2
Kerry Grens | Jan 8, 2014
Kerry Grens looks back at the biggest science stories in 2013
Governing Science
Abby Olena | Dec 30, 2013
How the US government impacted life science research in 2013
Another Lawsuit over Genetic Tests
Kate Yandell | Jul 11, 2013
Myriad Genetics, the company originally behind tests for the cancer-associated BRCA mutations, is suing two competitors for patent infringement.
Court Rules Gene Patents Valid
Cristina Luiggi | Aug 17, 2012
Myriad Genetics can hold patents on the BRAC1 and BRAC2 oncogenes, but not on tests comparing DNA sequences.
Gene Patents Back in Court
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 19, 2012
A public interest legal group has renewed the fight against DNA patenting.
Courts Re-Examining Gene Patents
Sabrina Richards | Mar 28, 2012
The US Supreme Court ordered patents held by Myriad Genetics to be reviewed further by the Federal Circuit Court.