Capsule Reviews
Bob Grant | Aug 1, 2015
Gods of the Morning, Hedonic Eating, A Beautiful Question, and Genomic Messages
Protein Sequencing Disputes Linnaeus
Jef Akst | Nov 6, 2013
Comparing the proteins of a 300-year-old pickled elephant fetus with modern sequence data challenges Carl Linnaeus’s decision to assign it as the Asian elephant type specimen.
Right Under Their Noses
Kerry Grens | Sep 6, 2013
Biology students discover a new species of beetle in the giant city of Manila.
The King of Turtles
Christoph Irmscher | May 1, 2013
American naturalist Louis Agassiz had a zeal for collecting that encouraged a nation to engage with nature.
Book Excerpt from Louis Agassiz: Creator of American Science
Christoph Irmscher | Apr 30, 2013
In Chapter 4, “Darwin’s Barnacles, Agassiz’s Jellyfish,” author Christoph Irmscher describes his subject’s obsession with marine organisms.
Playing the Field
George B. Schaller | Dec 1, 2012
The role of field biologists is changing as conservation biology evolves and ecological challenges mount.