Anti-Doping Research Gets Creative
Sabrina Richards | Jul 26, 2012
Scientists work hard to keep up with ever-evolving performance enhancement techniques that go undetected by existing tests.
An Olympic Book Review
Bob Grant | Jul 26, 2012
The Science of Sports: Winning in the Olympics takes a timely look at research on athletics.
Testing Endurance
Hayley Dunning | Jul 26, 2012
Researchers follow 44 ultramarathon runners in a race across Europe to track the body's response to extreme physical challenge.
Bob Grant | Jul 26, 2012
Allowing athletes to enhance their performance by using genetic engineering to manipulate their DNA may become a reality of future Olympic Games.
Wired to Run—and Think
Hayley Dunning | Jul 26, 2012
Evolving the ability to run may also have made our ancestors smarter, suggesting that exercise can be healthy for the brain as well as the body.
Anti-doping Lab Set for Olympics
Jef Akst | Jan 19, 2012
The most high-tech laboratory in the history of the Olympic Games is prepared to begin athlete testing in London.