Congress Passes “Right to Try” Bill
Jim Daley | May 23, 2018
Medical groups have criticized the legislation, which will give terminal patients access to experimental treatments, as dangerous and unnecessary.
Science Oversight in the U.K.
Bob Grant | Nov 23, 2015
An independent reviewer suggests that England’s seven research councils, which award government research funding, should be put under the umbrella of a new agency that would manage the grant money.
Improving Federal Oversight of HHS Grantees
Bob Grant | Sep 4, 2015
The US Department of Health and Human Services considers ways to mitigate the risk of poor performance or misuse of funds by grantees.
Mistaken Anthrax Shipments
Jef Akst | Jun 5, 2015
The Defense Department reports that live samples of the deadly bacterium may have been accidentally shipped to more than 50 labs in the U.S. and abroad.
Report: Ease Gene Therapy Reviews
Kerry Grens | Dec 9, 2013
The Institute of Medicine recommends relaxing the extra oversight given to gene therapy clinical trials.  
Misconduct Around the Globe
Richard Smith and Tracey Koehlmoos | Jun 1, 2013
Research misconduct is not limited to the developed world, but few countries anywhere are responding adequately.