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23andMe Markets Genome Kits to Researchers
Kerry Grens | Jul 14, 2016 | 1 min read
Scientists can now buy the direct-to-consumer sequencing product, and research participants can join 23andMe’s database.
Following FDA OK, 23andMe to Expand Health Prediction
Kerry Grens | Oct 21, 2015 | 2 min read
The personal genomics firm is ramping up its suite of disease-related genetic tests.
Venter Enters the Consumer Genomics Biz
Bob Grant | Sep 22, 2015 | 2 min read
The genomic entrepreneur has struck a deal with a South African health insurer to sequence the exomes of its customers.
Direct-to-Consumer Liquid Biopsy
Kerry Grens | Sep 13, 2015 | 2 min read
Some doctors advise shoppers to be skeptical of a newly marketed cancer diagnostic.
Illumina, Investors Launch Consumer Genetics Firm
Tracy Vence | Aug 19, 2015 | 1 min read
With $100 million in initial funding, Helix aims to make personal genomics accessible.
23andMe Enters Drug Development
Kerry Grens | Mar 12, 2015 | 2 min read
The personal genomics firm announces plans to make medicines.
FDA OKs 23andMe Test
Kerry Grens | Feb 20, 2015 | 1 min read
The US Food and Drug Administration will allow the personal genomics company to resume a disease-risk analysis.
23andMe Partners with Pfizer
Jef Akst | Jan 13, 2015 | 1 min read
The personal genomics company strikes yet another deal to glean biomedically relevant information from its user data.
23andMe Expands to U.K.
Kerry Grens | Dec 2, 2014 | 1 min read
British consumers can buy the genetic testing-associated health prediction service forbidden by the US government.
On Race and Medicine
Keith Norris | Feb 1, 2014 | 4 min read
Until health care becomes truly personalized, race and ethnicity will continue to be important clues guiding medical treatments.
$1,000 Genome at Last?
Tracy Vence | Jan 15, 2014 | 2 min read
Illumina says its newest sequencing system can churn out whole human genomes for $1,000 apiece.
GeneLink Settles
Abby Olena, PhD | Jan 14, 2014 | 2 min read
Another personal genomics company faces government pressure—this time from the Federal Trade Commission.
Speaking of Science
The Scientist | Jan 1, 2014 | 2 min read
January 2014's selection of notable quotes
23andMe Steps Back
Abby Olena, PhD | Dec 6, 2013 | 2 min read
The company announces that it will stop offering health interpretations of personal genetic data.
23andMe Now Facing Lawsuit
Kerry Grens | Dec 4, 2013 | 1 min read
Shortly after getting in trouble with the Food and Drug Administration, the personal genetic testing company is slapped with a class action lawsuit.
FDA to 23andMe: Stop Marketing Kits
Kerry Grens | Nov 26, 2013 | 2 min read
The US Food and Drug Administration blocks the marketing of unapproved genetic tests.  
Genetics Firm Gets Baby-Predicting Patent
Bob Grant | Oct 4, 2013 | 3 min read
23andMe denies that its new patent will be used to help couples create designer babies based on personal genetic testing.
Kerry Grens | Aug 1, 2013 | 4 min read
Science gets personal as researchers—professional and amateur—plumb the depths of their own molecular biology.
Track Thyself
Kerry Grens | Jul 31, 2013 | 1 min read
Meet Larry Smarr, a UC San Diego computer scientist who records several facets of his physiology, on the hunt for signs of present or future health problems.