All <em>PLOS</em> Submissions to Appear on <em>bioRxiv</em>
All PLOS Submissions to Appear on bioRxiv
Kerry Grens | Feb 8, 2018
Papers sent to PLOS journals will be automatically uploaded to the preprint server before acceptance.
Q&A: What’s Next for PLOS
Q&A: What’s Next for PLOS
Tracy Vence | Dec 26, 2016
A conversation with outgoing Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Marincola
PLOS CEO Stepping Down
PLOS CEO Stepping Down
Tracy Vence | Nov 1, 2016
Elizabeth Marincola will leave the open-access publisher at the end of the year.
Another Retraction for Diabetes Researcher
Another Retraction for Diabetes Researcher
Tanya Lewis | May 23, 2016
PLOS Biology pulls a 2011 study led by Mário Saad, while his institution investigates additional allegations of research misconduct related to papers published in other journals. 
Opinion: Share Data for All Diseases
Opinion: Share Data for All Diseases
Elizabeth Marincola | Apr 28, 2016
Along with his recent $250 million donation to cancer research, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sean Parker emphasized the importance of data sharing.
Concerns Raised Online Linger
Concerns Raised Online Linger
Kate Yandell | Aug 25, 2014
Users of post-publication peer review forums like PubPeer often question perceived inaccuracies in scientific papers. Are the journals that published those papers paying attention?
Surprise XMRV Retraction
Beth Marie Mole | Sep 21, 2012
The journal PLOS Pathogens abruptly retracts the seminal paper linking XMRV to disease.
Disaster-centric Journal Launched
Hannah Waters | Mar 29, 2012
The open-access Public Library of Science has launched a new journal to publish and disseminate scientific information quickly in the wake of disaster.
MRSA Found in Antibiotic-free Meat
Hannah Waters | Feb 2, 2012
Just because meat is labeled “antibiotic-free” doesn’t mean it’s antibiotic-resistant superbug-free.
Gould's bias
Megan Scudellari | Jun 16, 2011
A new study finds that Stephen J. Gould's criticisms of another scientist's data was misplaced, and the eminent biologist and historian succumbed to data bias himself.