Dino Cannibalism?
Jenny Rood | Apr 10, 2015
Tooth marks on a dinosaur skull provide evidence of intraspecific fights and postmortem scavenging, according to a study.
Illegal Animal Meds Persist in India
Kerry Grens | Oct 13, 2014
Use of a veterinary painkiller, banned in several countries because of its lethal effects on scavenging birds, has declined, but cow carcasses still test positive.
Bird Bullies
Jef Akst | Jun 1, 2013
Regular supplies of food for scavenger birds in Spain may not be the most effective conservation strategy, as smaller birds are bullied away.
Life (Re)Cycle
Bernd Heinrich | Aug 1, 2012
Death breeds life in the world’s most diverse and abundant group of animals.