Scientific humor
Cave Creature Genitalia, Other Weird Discoveries Net 2017 Ig Nobels
Shawna Williams | Sep 15, 2017
In one winning paper, scientists describe an insect whose females have evolved a penis-like appendage that penetrates males’ “vaginas.”
Illustrating #FieldworkFails
Tanya Lewis | Jun 21, 2016
An artist aims to publish a collection of stories of science gone awry.
Fieldwork Bloopers
Tanya Lewis | Jun 21, 2016
Scenes from illustrator Jim Jourdane’s Fieldwork Fail: The Messy Side of Science
Ig Nobels Honor Amusing Research
Jyoti Madhusoodanan | Sep 22, 2014
This year’s winners include those who’ve studied how dogs respond to magnetic fields, and the health risks of pet cats, among other things. 
Overly Honest Methods
Beth Marie Mole | Jan 10, 2013
A trending hashtag on Twitter lets researchers reveal the lighter side of scientific methodology.