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Was a Drop in CRISPR Firms’ Stock Warranted?
Claire Asher | Jun 7, 2017
A study of off-target effects that sparked fear among investors of genome-editing companies receives methodological criticisms.
Another CRISPR Biotech Goes Public
Bob Grant | Sep 12, 2016
CRISPR Therapeutics, the company started by a pioneer of the gene editing technology, plans to raise $90 million from an initial public offering.
Biotech Stocks Take a Hit
Kerry Grens | Sep 30, 2015
Some say the biotech bubble has burst over concerns that drug prices are too high—and may soon be regulated.
Biotech Terminates IPO
Jyoti Madhusoodanan | Aug 14, 2014
The Israeli firm Vascular Biogenics withdrew its initial public offering after six days of trading. 
New Year’s Biotech IPO Boom?
Tracy Vence | Feb 3, 2014
January was a profitable month for biotech companies going public, Burrill & Company says.
Week in Review: August 26–30
Tracy Vence | Aug 30, 2013
New model for neurodevelopment; more biotechs going public; how a virus jumped from mammals to birds; statin side effect linked to genetic variant
Biotech IPOs Surge
Kerry Grens | Aug 22, 2013
The drought has ended for biotech companies seeking to join the public market, but whether this upward swing will last is anybody’s guess.
Financial Foraging
Beth Marie Mole | Feb 4, 2013
Using evolutionary animal behavior theories, researchers find daytime stock traders’ strategies are maladapted.
Betting on Biotech
Scott Veggeberg | Apr 5, 1993
Despite chill winds on Wall Street, investors continue to place bets on fledgling biotechnology companies.