Tortoise Not Seen for 113 Years Found on Galapagos Island
Carolyn Wilke | Feb 25, 2019
Chelonoidis phantasticus, or the Fernandina giant tortoise, was feared extinct until an expedition found a lone female in a remote area on the island of Fernandina.
Second Chance for Lost Galapagos Tortoises?
Bob Grant | Sep 14, 2017
Researchers are trying to recreate an extinct species of the lumbering reptiles by breeding closely related species that contain traces of the lost lineage’s DNA.
Lonesome George Dies Alone
Hayley Dunning | Jun 25, 2012
The world’s last Pinta Island tortoise died this past weekend at the age of 100.
Rare Reptiles Breed in Wild
Jef Akst | Apr 27, 2012
Two baby ploughshare tortoises born to parents raised in a captive breeding program are discovered in Madagascar, validating the conservation effort.
Telltale Tortoises
Jef Akst | Apr 1, 2012
Researchers are permanently marking endangered reptiles in Madagascar to keep the animals from entering the illegal wildlife trade.Read the full story. [gallery]
Marked for Life
Jef Akst | Apr 1, 2012
Conservationists working in Madagascar are doing the unthinkable—defacing the shells of endangered ploughshare tortoises—but it may be the animals’ last hope.