Terrifying Terror Policy

In reference to the editor's comments on bioterrorism in the United States,1 I would extend his comments and suggest that the US government is scaring the living s--- out of the US population and for little reason. Why significantly compromise your life's enjoyment by worrying about dying, especially when the risks you are scared about are small compared with real and quantifiable risks, such as auto accidents and myocardial infarctions?

Scaring the public has historically been shown to be an effective weapon against reason and an effective means to promote enemy identification, which primates are great at doing. The 20th century offers some notable examples.

James Vrbanac, PhD
Portage, Mich.


Excellent article in The Scientist on bioterrorism.1 Surely, scientists should use their analytical training to judge likelihoods, to prioritize politically, and to help the public distinguish data from hysteria.

Is the scientific community...

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