The Power of the Purse

In the same way that patrons supported explorers, artists, and scientists throughout the ages, we need to fund our medical scientists. Here in Ontario, it’s already making a difference.

Today, we stand at the tipping point of a revolution–one of significant medical breakthroughs within our lifetime. We are now looking at new ways to think about how medicine is practiced. At the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, established with our donations of $20 million, we aren’t focused on disease from a treatment point of view. We are looking for—and have committed to putting our own philanthropic efforts behind—finding cures.

Since its launch in 2006, McEwen Centre scientists have:

  • Started repairing spinal cords using stem cells to engineer new nervous tissue
  • Developed a system to identify stem cells in leukemia, which has changed the way cancer is treated
  • Identified stem cells that can work to...

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