By Eric Albert

1 Blood-vessel wall's middle coat
4 Light bulb filament material
10 In the 300,000- to 300-megahertz range
11 Fermentation fungus
12 Contracting muscle opposed by another muscle
13 Pathogen-transmitting organism
15 Scientist Pavlov who went to the dogs
16 Type of 32 across
21 Agent used to improve citrus fruit color
22 Cardiovascular system component
25 ____ tube (embryo structure)
27 Snug as a run with no bug?
29 Put on a slide
30 Crystalline, water-soluble nucleoside
31 Kind of retinal cell
32 Malignancy
1 Milk-drinking class
2 The third degree
3 AMU piece
5 Iris + ciliary body + choriod
6 Suppository substance
7 Genitourinary ________
8 Everything in the universe
9 Ionic compound
14 Photon's intrinsic angular momentum
17 Egg nutrients
18 Element used in smoke detectors
19 Red blood cell count condition
20 Cochlea container
23 Reduced red blood cell...

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