By Eric Albert

1 RNA Splitter
9 Fluid-filled sac near a joint
10 Incus location
11 Freckle-like skin spot
13 Catalyst involved in energy release
15 It stimulates the production of glucocorticoids: abbr
17 Reference work
18 Progesterone-secreting gland
20 Immunoglobulin producer
21O e.g.
22 Classification categories
25 Develop to a diferent adaptive state
26 Return of a disease
29 UAG, for one
31 Hairlike processes on the small intestine
32 Genetic damage reverser
1German measles
2It was isolated by Davy in 1807
3 Pellegra victim's deficiency
5Rotating piece in an engine
5 Morph prefix
6Ringer's ____ (dehydration corrector)
7The way to a man's heart
8 The way from a man's heart
12 Narcotic
14 Type of a T cell
16 T. rex for instance
19 It articulates with the sternum
20Nursing station?
23Inosine, before alteration
24 Ketone...

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