By Eric Albert

1 Pertaining to hidden blood
6 Infection response
9 Cursor controller
10 Prefix for quintillion
11 Tonsillitis pathogen
12 Type of acid used in making explosives and fertilizers
13 Thiamine-deficiency result
15 Secondary structure for a protein
18 Helper in polypeptide-chain building: abbr.
20 Neuron appendage
21 Structure appearing during cell division
23 Flat area of bone between the eyebrows
25 Pathogen transmitter
29 Thin, flat, horny plate
30 Polar amino acid: abbr.
31 Serum target
32 Pathogen
33 French cave known for skeletal remains
1Piece of "HTLV"
2Prepare for microscope viewing
3Kind of engineer
4Eye layer
5Minute quantity
6It means "dug up," etymologically
7Spine components
8Enzyme involved in the viral-RNA copying process
14Pool member
15Painkiller's gift
16Transmit to offspring
17Greek letter
19Beavers, rats, porcupines, et al.
22Long terminal...

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