By Eric Albert

1 Of the lungs
6 Cause for dissolution of cells by antibodies
9 Brief and severe
10 Natural process?
11 Test used in AIDS screening
12 (S)center of the face
13 Prefix for self
15 Pertaining to a saturated fatty acid
17 B-complex vitamin
18 Order of sea cows
21 Chest protector
23 German chemist Hahn
24 Species, say
25 Point where vision is most acute
28 Unable to bear something
29 Collapse of circulatory function
30 Pharmacopoeia entry
31 Female sex hormone
1 T4, for one
2 Essential amino acid
3 Greek's 24th
4 Albertus Magnus described it first
5 Egg membrane
6 Fossil named for a Beatles song
7 Organism exciters
8 Factor in initiating cancerous growth
14 Organ shaped roughly like an upside-down pear
15 Higher blood-pressure reading
16 60 percent of a ribosome's weight, abbr.
19 Ciliate animal

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