Copyrightº 1996 by Eric Albert

crossword puzzle
1 Glycolysis end product
5 Complex heterocyclic ketone
10 Strength
11 Of a chemical compound containing carbon
12 Chemical bond
13 Gland that releases oxytocin
16 Any of a class of spherically shaped carbon molecules
17 Protist's locomotion features
18 Radioactivity unit
20 Synthesis of more complex substances from simpler ones
23 Responding to stimuli
25 ____ of Henle (kidney piece)
29 Serve as a stimulus
30 ____ fragments (DNA substrands)
31 Hairy, breast-feeding vertebrate
32 Form of a gene that most commonly occurs in nature
1 Eye opening
2 Its lack leads to blindness
3 Cava lead-in
4 Uracil's counterpart
6 Its lack leads to blindness
7 Situated on the belly
8 Salt, symbolically
9 Small, rounded lump
14 Basic physical unit of heredity
15 Lifeline location
16 Truth atom
17 Carboxyl group
19 Rare metallic element
20 Heart-capillary connector
21 Air...

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