By Eric Albert

1 Ovary steroid
8 Anatomize
9 Adjective for isomer
11 Molecule that stores energy during respiration: abbr
12 Appendages used by bacteria for having sex
13 1980 chenmistry Nobelist Paul
15 Organic compound containing a hydroxyl group
17 Disease infecting more than 200 million people a year
19 Its atomic number is 33
22 Part of "MRI"
24 It carries the code to the cytoplasm: abbr
25 Ames, for one
26 ____ syndrome
29 Livery?
30 Outermost membrane surrounding a fetus
31 Showing no signs of previous exposure
1 One who's survived the third degree
2 Some bits
3 Hormone occuring in urine during pregnancy
4 Growth response toward or away from a stimulus
5 Part of "BMR"
6 Part of "NMR"
7 Anteater order
10 Femur + patella + tibia + fibula
14 Diatom, for instance
16 Metacarpus + phalanges
18 Amino...

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