By Eric Albert

1 Phylum that contains radiolarlans and heliozoans
6 It's synthesized in the nucleolus: abbr.
9 Organism's capacity to withstand toxic substances.
10 Seasoning rated 2.5 on Mohs scale
12 It includes the upper but not the lower jaw
13 Interrelated community ofplants, animals, and bacteria
14 Type of chemical bond
16 American chemist who won a 1979 Nobel Prize
19 Orbit of equal-energy electrons
20 It's about 98% iron and 2% carbon
23 Noncyclic atomic structure
25 Parkinsonism treatment drug
26 Immune prefix
27 Inch /25,0000 roughly
28 Occupying opposite positions in a benzene ring
29 Natural analgesic.
1Stop the active progress of
2Cell aggregate
4Bacterial virus
5Grad school's highest degree
7Chemical change
8Element used in paint pigments
11K or W, for example
14Do genetic surgery
15Conception, _____, delivery
17Fruiting body...

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