Science Clothing

You can never go wrong with fun, science-themed duds. And there's tons of apparel emblazoned with clever slogans to be had on the internet. From t-shirt that proudly pronounce "Because I'm The Microbiologist, That's Why," or "I share half of my DNA with a banana," to a cute onesie depicting phagocytosis (for the future researcher on your list), is a one-stop shop for great science clothes. URL = Price = $20-$30






NERD Block Rack

Combing DIY-haven site is also a sure way to find the perfect gift to fill a scientis’t’ stocking. One particular item that caught our eye was this block rack, perfect for holding lab keys, safety goggles, or other scientific accessories. URL = Price = $10.00


Play-Doh Cologne

Something about cologne that smells like this perennial play time favorite just screams scientist to...



For The Kids

There are tons of great children's gifts for the aspiring scientists you know. A coloring book that depicts evolution, Drosophila, and "The Very Hungry Polymorphonuclear Neutrophile" is sure to please the young ones. URL = Price = $12.00





Little ones rejoice: Doctor Dreadful is back! The reboot of this bygone line of classic gross out toys means that kids can manufacture edible snot, monster brains, and gummy bugs in their very own labs. Available through URL = Price = $10-$40


Evolution's never been cuter. This set of 4 plush sculptures introduces young biologists to the concept of evolving phenotypes, going from simple to complex organisms. URL = Price = $6.00



Dig this: Mark the months of 2012 with "The Naked Archaeologist Calendar." Not as NSFW as you might imagine, this handsome wall calendar does get dirty, featuring members of Reading University’s student archaeology society in their natural state at actual dig sites in the United Kingdom. As an added bonus, the proceeds from the sale of the calendars go to charity. URL = Price = £8.00

Alternatively, the new year can be a constant reminder of history's greatest scientific minds with a calendar featuring famous scientists and inventors. Madame Curie is Mrs. February, Louis Pasteur is Mr. July, and good old Charles Darwin is Mr. August. URL =,40086301#. Price = $22.50


Get the food-conscious scientist on your list something a little out of the ordinary: The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook. Packed with 150 unorthodox recipes—from "President Snow’s Sautéed Dove Breasts in Bacon Drippings" and "Grilled Tree Rat with Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce" to "Tigris’s Fig Cookies," the cookbook is a companion to the young adult science fiction trilogy, Hunger Games, which follows the fate of citizens living in a post-apocalyptic world. URL = Price = $11.97


Theodore Gray's Elements Vault is a fantastic addition to any scientist's library. The book explores the periodic table with eye-popping graphics, interactive features, and even samples of many of the elements. URL = Price = $39.95

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