Image: Anne MacNamara/R. Ian Freshney

Like most researchers, you probably hate tissue culture work. But, if such 'trivialities' as experimental quality and reproducibility are important to you, then you and your cells will need to come to an understanding. Perhaps a short trip through the looking glass--that is, culture flask--will be of value. What do you have to lose? It's free, and all the seats are front row center!

Cast: (in order of appearance) First researcher
Second researcher
First technician
Second technician

Setting: A laboratory where live-cell research is ongoing. The first researcher is in his office working on his computer. The cells are in flasks in a water-jacketed cell-culture incubator 50 feet away.

ACT 1: DINNER TIME! in which the researcher--and his cells--are hungry

First researcher: (checking his watch) It's five-thirty, already? Shoot, I'm late for dinner, and I forgot to pass my cells! Can...

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