linkurl:1. Surprising reservoirs for skin disease; Mycobacterium ulcerans, the causative agent of the skin disease Buruli ulcer (BU), can be transmitted via terrestrial mammals, such as possums, challenging the prevailing belief that BU is contracted from aquatic invertebrates and environments.J.A. Fyfe, et al., "A major role for mammals in the ecology of Mycobacterium ulcerans," linkurl:PLoS Negl Trop Dis,; 4(8):e791, 2010. Evaluated by Jorge Alave and Carlos Seas, Cayetano Heredia University. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; linkurl:2. New class of helper Ts;
Image: Wikimedia commons, Pedro Simões
Researchers identify a new subset of T helper (Th) 2 cells that produce interleukin (IL)-17. The results underline the plasticity of these Th cells and could hold implications for the treatment of allergic asthma, for which these cells may play a pathogenic role.Y.H. Wang, et al., "A novel subset of CD4(+) T(H)2 memory/effector cells that produce inflammatory...
3. Physical forces fuel healingS. Carracedo, et al., "The fibroblast integrin alpha11beta1 is induced in a mechanosensitive manner involving activin A and regulates myofibroblast differentiation," linkurl:J Biol Chem,; 285(14):10434-45, 2010. Evaluated by Phyllis Leppert, Duke University. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; 4. How to handle increasing skin infectionsT.C. Jenkins, et al., "Skin and soft-tissue infections requiring hospitalization at an academic medical center: opportunities for antimicrobial stewardship," linkurl:Clin Infect Dis,; 51(8):895-903, 2010. Evaluated by Ralph Corey, Duke University Medical Center; Larry Bush, JFK Medical Center. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; 5. Key factor for natural moisturizersY. Kamata, et al., "Neutral cysteine protease bleomycin hydrolase is essential for the breakdown of deiminated filaggrin into amino acids," linkurl:J Biol Chem,; 284(19):12829-36, 2009. Evaluated by Jiro Kishimoto, Shiseido Research Center. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; 6. Fatal disease from transplantBalamuthia mandrillarisCDC, "Balamuthia mandrillaris transmitted through organ transplantation --- Mississippi, 2009," linkurl:MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep,; 59:1165-70, 2010. Evaluated by Salim Mohanna and Francisco Bravo, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation; 7. Defining a new clinical conditionC. Akin, et al., "Mast cell activation syndrome: Proposed diagnostic criteria," linkurl:J Allergy Clin Immunol,; 2010. Evaluated by Riccardo Asero, Clinica San Carlo. linkurl:Free F1000 Evaluation;

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