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The evolution of a single cellular change into oncology-related pathology is complex, driven by mutations accumulated during cell division, cell to cell interactions, and tissue structure and vasculature changes. To understand cellular heterogeneity in a spatial and temporal context, scientists rely on the ability to select cells from a specific area in a tissue to analyze each discrete genome within a tumor. A challenge researchers face in obtaining high-definition genomic data from single cells is isolating critical cells of interest and amplifying their genomes with high uniformity and complete coverage. 

In this webinar brought to you by Sartorius, Andris Abramenkovs will introduce the CellCelector Flex platform, and Mark Lynch will present a novel workflow that simplifies single cell isolation from a variety of samples for low-input and single cell genomics.

Topics to be covered 

  • Automated cell selection and retrieval to improve downstream application workflows
  • Reliable single cell isolation for genomic analysis using Primary Template-Directed Amplification (PTA)
  • Addressing and overcoming workflow challenges, and defining genomic heterogeneity in any sample type

Andris Abramenkovs, PhD
Product Manager


Mark Lynch
Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Customer Success
BioSkryb Genomics

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