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Wednesday, November 9, 2022 
11:00 AM Eastern Time 

Flow cytometry assay validation requires different analytical approaches in preclinical and clinical settings. A fit-for-purpose (FFP) strategy allows researchers to customize the validation to satisfy an assay’s intended use and its associated regulatory status. The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) recently released the first edition of the Validation of Assays Performed by Flow Cytometry. CLSI Guideline H62. This consensus guideline presents a FFP approach to analytical method validation, covering flow cytometer instrument qualification and standardization along with validation strategies for flow cytometry assays.

In this panel discussion brought to you by BD Biosciences, Virginia Litwin, Steve Eck, and Nicolas Bailly will dig deeper into aspects of the CLSI Guideline H62.  

Topics to be covered

  • How to setup and standardize flow cytometers 
  • How to approach analytical method validation for precision and detection capability parameters 

Virginia Litwin, PhD
Research Scientist
Charles River Laboratories


Steve Eck, PhD
Director, Integrated Bioanalysis


Nicolas Bailly 
Scientific and Technical Specialist
BD Biosciences



Elena Afonina, PhD
Director, Clinical Reagent Development
BD Biosciences

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