Off The Cuff | What Question Would You Pose to a Dead Scientist?

To Marie Curie: Was the discovery of radiation significant enough to warrant your death by radiation toxicity?

--Susanne Courtney, Courtney Rainey Group, Toronto

To Élie Metchnikoff: Is it harder today to be an acknowledged and famous scientist than, let's say, 50-80 years ago?

--Roy A. Dalmo, Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University of Tromsø

To Charles Darwin: Now that you're dead and know whether there is life after death, do you still agree with your theory of evolution?

--Marian Blokpoel, Imperial College London

To Albert Einstein: Is it really possible to travel in time?

--Mario F. Muñoz-Guerra, University Hospital La Princesa, Madrid

To Aristotle: With regard to never doing physical experiments... what the hell were you thinking??

--Jefry Shields, Dow Chemical, San Diego, Calif.

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