I couldn't disagree with you more.1 For one thing, the Bush administration has increased scientific R&D spending by a considerable amount of money. For another, since when is it the job of the federal government to (financially) support science? Can't recall reading that in the Constitution.

Government spending on scientific R&D diminishes the incentive for private industry. If the feds are paying for it, private industry can't profit as much, therefore, why try so hard? And with this reduced incentive come less profit, fewer researchers, and no economic gain.

Science needs to be left in the hands of private firms who stand to profit from their findings.

Carol DerbisOceanside, Calif. cderbis@cox.net

I doubt whether you have any basis for claiming that President Bush's religious views are deep and therefore deserve respect.1 Isn't there a difference between depth and frequency? Indeed, we don't know what Bush's religious views...

I have a suggestion for a change in the format of The Scientist: Publish your editorials and similar screed on easily detachable, absorbent paper.

Joseph C. Greenfield

Duke University Medical Center green045@mc.duke.edu

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