Date: January 4, 1999Mechanical Ultra-Low Freezers, Cryogenic Tubes

"Time is the fire we burn in." And though we may not be able to quench its unrelenting flame, scientists have attempted to divert its path by isolating small enclosures where time slows to a crawl. Within these chambers the frenetic Brownian dance becomes a chaperoned waltz, as temperatures approach absolute zero. The internal environment of a cryogenic freezer is a world apart, a reminder of the ultimate heat-death that must befall our universe in the eons to come.

For those who seek to discover truths about the workings of the cell, holding back the floodgates of time is a problem of significant proportions. Scientists are usually interested in very specific cell properties that take place at critical junctions in the life of a cell. Holding these processes at bay while their properties can be exploited is akin to the problem...

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