ABOVE: The Scientist Staff

Ever since its inception in 1986, The Scientist has provided readers with unique insights into the life sciences. From news of discoveries emerging from laboratories around the globe to probing analyses of biology’s social, political, and commercial ramifications, we’ve been holding up a mirror to the world of life science research and its practitioners for more than three decades. Over that time, The Scientist has always done its best to keep pace with modern, dynamic forums for storytelling, graduating from its original broadsheet tabloid format to the pages of a glossy magazine, to a website in the early days of internet, and to multiple social media platforms long before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram became household names.

Going into 2022, The Scientist is taking the next step in its evolutionary journey.

Starting in January, we will begin publishing our award-winning magazine content in a digital, interactive format we’re calling the TS Digest. We see this as a way to not only infuse our stories with more depth but to deliver comprehensive life science news and information to our faithful audience more frequently. The TS Digest will be published twice a month, and will include all the features regular TS readers have grown to love: rich infographics, in-depth feature articles, thought-provoking opinions, narrative-driven pieces that convey the stories behind the literature, and more. The TS Digest will also offer users the opportunity to drill down into topics of their interest, to interact with different components of the publication, and to access a streamlined pipeline to our website with its daily news coverage.

Even though the TS Digest is digital, we will continue to produce a print magazine, which we’ll publish quarterly in 2022. These quarterly print issues will contain the best stories, infographics, and features from the preceding few months and will give readers an opportunity to physically interact with the pages of our cherished magazine.

Access to the TS Digest is free and users who sign up for a membership will also receive access to decades of The Scientist’s archives, to feature articles, and to digital editions of print issues past and present. Members will be alerted to the publication of each digest near the beginning and middle of each month in 2022. Becoming a member is quick and easy.

Whether you’re a longtime follower of The Scientist or someone who is new to the TS experience, I and the entire TS team welcome you to delve into the TS Digest and continue growing with us as we explore new ways to bring you the life science stories that you want to read.