J. Ellis, G.L. Fogli, "New bounds on mt and first bounds on MH from precision electroweak data," Physics Letters B, 249:543-50, 1990.

John Ellis (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland): "The Standard Model needs two as-yet-undiscovered particles for its completion: the top quark, which is heavier than the other five quarks that make up all known nuclear matter; and the Higgs boson, which would originate the masses of all the elementary particles. These undiscovered particles now constitute the `Holy Grail' of particle physics. "Although no accelerator has yet produced these particles, their masses and, hence, the energies required can be estimated on the basis of their subtle quantum effects in lower- energy experiments. With the precise data made possible by the new LEP accelerator at CERN, we were able to estimate the mass of the top quark with a precision of about 20 percent and give the first indications on the mass of...

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