Slice cutting tools—which feature our patent-pending safety blades—meet many lab-specific requirements. Our scalpels and craft knives are well suited for delicate work, and our utility knives are good for general use.

A Safer, More Durable Blade

All Slice blades are made of 100 percent zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic. Our proprietary edge grind is finger-friendly®—that is, it’s safe to the touch. Traditional blades, be they metal or ceramic, come overly sharp: they pose a high risk for lacerations.

Be aware that not all ceramic blades are created equal. For instance, some customers assume that all ceramic blades are brittle and won’t last long. While traditional ceramic blades are typically thinner and sharper than their metal counterparts, this is not the case with Slice.

The unique, thicker Slice blade design takes advantage of zirconium oxide’s extreme hardness. Our blades have been tested to last up to 11 times longer...

Metal is a relatively soft material so it dulls quickly. Dull blades are dangerous, so it’s imperative that they are replaced immediately. Unfortunately, handling a blade is a time of high risk for lacerations. You should do it as infrequently as possible. Slice safety blades require fewer blade changes and therefore less handling.

All Slice blades also feature these properties, which make them an excellent choice for environments that must be contaminant free:

  • Rust free
  • Wax free
  • Chemically Inert
  • Lubricant and oil free
  • Maintenance free
  • Contain no metal
  • Autoclave safe
  • Non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-sparking
  • Chemically inert
  • Safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius

Slice Precision Scalpel

Slice offers two scalpels: the Disposable Scalpel and the Replaceable-Blade Scalpel. Our disposable model is the best choice if you’re looking for a single-use, individually wrapped, gamma-sterilized tool, as might be used in a clean room. The replaceable-blade tool features a durable glass-infused nylon handle. You can sterilize the entire tool in an autoclave. 

The Replaceable-Blade Scalpel fits all Slice craft blades including the pointed-tip straight edge blade, rounded-tip straight edge blade, rounded-tip curved blade, pointed-tip seam ripper, and rounded-tip seam ripper. As with all Slice tools, you don’t need any extra tools to change the blade. 

Both scalpels feature a thin handle; they’re designed to fit into tight or awkward spaces and perform intricate, precise, detailed cuts.

Slice for General Purpose Cutting

The Slice pen cutters are multipurpose—they can be used like a utility knife or a craft knife. Like all Slice tools, the glass-infused nylon handle is durable and lightweight. As the name implies, these cutters are roughly the size of a pen, so they fit in a pants, shirt, apron, or lab coat pocket for portability.

Slice makes two models of pen cutter: the Manual Pen Cutter and the Auto-Retractable Pen Cutter. Each tool features a slider that the user must engage to expose the blade. The manual tool allows the user to fix the blade at three different positions, so you can choose the appropriate blade depth for the job. The user must re-engage the slider to retract the blade back into the handle.

With the auto-retractable model, the user must keep the slider engaged to keep the blade exposed. If the user releases the slider, the blade will automatically retract into the handle.

How Will You Use Slice Tools?

At Slice, we love hearing about customers’ unique requirements and how our tools fit in. We welcome you to share your Slice experience.

For additional information, please visit Slice and our weekly Workplace Safety Blog.

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