Streck is pleased to announce the launch of Protein Plus BCTTM, a direct draw whole blood collection tube intended for the stabilization of draw-time concentrations of plasma proteins during ambient temperature storage. Protein Plus BCT is For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

The preservative reagent in Protein Plus BCT maintains sample integrity during storage, shipping and handling prior to mass spectrometry or immunoassay-based proteomic analysis, allowing laboratories logistical flexibility without the risk of compromised accuracy. 

“Protein Plus BCT is an excellent addition to the Streck stabilization line,” said Matthew Kreifels, Vice President of Sales, MarCom and Business Development. “We are excited to enter the rapidly growing field of proteomics and are enthusiastic to provide a tool that not only improves laboratory efficiency, but also gives customers confidence in the accuracy of their results.” For more information, please visit