amyloid fibrils
Forms of Alzheimer’s May Display Unique Plaque Structures
Joshua A. Krisch | Jan 4, 2017
A study shows that different fibril formations in the brains of deceased patients seem to correlate with various Alzheimer’s disease subtypes. 
Amyloid Thwarts Microbial Invaders
Anna Azvolinsky | May 25, 2016
Alzheimer’s disease–associated amyloid-β peptides trap microbes in the brains of mice and in the guts of nematodes, a study shows. 
Mea Culpa Retractions
Kerry Grens | Aug 30, 2013
Researchers earn applause after recalling two papers containing misinterpreted findings.
Semen Protein Boosts HIV Transmission
Hannah Waters | Dec 14, 2011
Researchers identify a protein in semen that enhances the transmission of HIV in culture, but whether it increases infectivity in humans is not yet known.