asymmetrical cell division
Researchers Identify Clue to Asymmetric Cell Division
Shawna Williams | Sep 1, 2017
Phosphorylation of a surface protein on endosomes is key to the organelles’ uneven distribution in daughter cells.
Infographic: Why Not All Cell Divisions Are Equal
Shawna Williams | Aug 31, 2017
Phosphorylation of a protein called Sara found on the surface of endosomes appears to be a key regulator of asymmetric splitting in fruit flies.
Observing Cancer Cell Division with Artificial Capillaries
Catherine Offord | Jun 27, 2016
Human cancer cells constrained to capillary-like microtubes divide unevenly, scientists show.
A New Model of Yeast Aging
Hannah Waters | Nov 23, 2011
New findings challenge long-held views about the mechanism yeast cells use to live forever.