How Meat Can Harm Arteries
How Meat Can Harm Arteries
Molly Sharlach | Nov 5, 2014
Gut microbes produce a key intermediate metabolite that promotes atherosclerosis in a mouse model of red meat consumption.
Steak Linked to Heart Disease
Steak Linked to Heart Disease
Kate Yandell | Apr 10, 2013
Gut bacteria digest L-carnitine, a nutrient found in red meat, and produce a heart-harming molecule as a result.
Mimicking Mussels
Mimicking Mussels
Ruth Williams | Apr 1, 2013
Scientists develop a gel that mimics mollusc glue to coat the insides of blood vessels.
Epigenetic Drug Improves Cholesterol Levels
Edyta Zielinska | Aug 28, 2012
Results from a Phase II trial for cardiovascular disease with an epigenetic target therapy show promise.
Munching Macrophages
Sabrina Richards | Jul 1, 2012
Making macrophages in atherosclerotic plaques digest spent organelles instead of dying may help keep plaques stable.
Link to Second Heart Attack Uncovered
Sabrina Richards | Jun 27, 2012
Researchers elucidate how a first heart attack sets the stage for later heart trouble by boosting inflammatory cell development.
When Stress Is Good
Christina M. Warboys, Narges Amini, Amalia de Luca, and Paul C. Evans | Feb 1, 2011
Fast blood flow protects against atherosclerosis: implications for treatment