Setting the Record Straight
Daniel Cossins | Oct 1, 2014
Scientists are taking to social media to challenge weak research, share replication attempts in real time, and counteract hype. Will this online discourse enrich the scientific process?
Welcome Back, Pharmalot
Tracy Vence | Jun 4, 2014
The Wall Street Journal revives the popular blog covering pharmaceutical and biotech industry news.
Blogger Reports STAP Success
Tracy Vence | Apr 1, 2014
A stem-cell researcher claims to have reproduced stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency by following a revised protocol posted online last week.
Goodbye, Pharmalot
Kerry Grens | Jan 2, 2014
The popular blog covering pharmaceutical and biotech industry news has been shuttered.  
Fraud Watchdog Blogger Revealed
Dan Cossins | Jan 6, 2013
The author of a whistleblower blog has revealed his identity after the site was suspended due to legal threats from accused scientists.
Arsenic-based Life Challenged Again
Hannah Waters | Jan 24, 2012
An attempt to regrow the infamous GFAJ-1 bacteria, reported to incorporate arsenic into its DNA backbone, has failed.