Canada Investigates Scientist Muzzling
Canada Investigates Scientist Muzzling
Bob Grant | Apr 4, 2013
The Canadian information commissioner will investigate mounting claims that the government is stifling communication between federal scientists and the press.
Opinion: Canadian Science Under Attack
Opinion: Canadian Science Under Attack
Heather E. Douglas | Apr 2, 2013
Government policies are shuttering research facilities while muzzling federal researchers by dissuading them from talking to the press, participating in international collaborations, or publishing their work.
Canadian Scientist Declines Award
Canadian Scientist Declines Award
Kate Yandell | Mar 25, 2013
A University of Alberta researcher refuses to accept a prestigious scientific award because he thought two of his collaborators should have also been honored.
US Drug Approvals Top Canada, Europe
Megan Scudellari | May 18, 2012
The FDA approves drugs faster and earlier than regulatory agencies in other countries.
Canadian Scientists “Muzzled”
Hannah Waters | Feb 21, 2012
Governmental red tape blocks scientists from discussing their research with journalists, according to an open letter.
Canadian Government Silences Scientist
N/A | Jul 29, 2011
Fisheries scientist ordered to refuse interviews about research on salmon decline.