cell-based circuits
Arming Synthetic Bacteria Against Cancer
Anna Azvolinsky | Jul 20, 2016
Researchers engineer bacteria that deliver an anti-tumor toxin in mice before self-destructing. 
Biological Programming
Tanya Lewis | Apr 1, 2016
A new tool makes programming living cells like writing computer software.
Engineering Life
Caleb J. Bashor, Timothy K. Lu, and Ahmad S. Khalil | Aug 1, 2013
Cellular “tinkering” is critical for establishing a new engineering discipline that will lead to the next generation of technologies based on life’s building blocks.
Cellular Engineering in Context
Ahmad S. Khalil, Timothy K. Lu, and Caleb J. Bashor | Jul 31, 2013
Designing circuits in living cells is messy business.
Week in Review, May 20–24
Bob Grant | May 24, 2013
Journals plagiarizing journals; new immune cells combat diabetes; TB-killing vitamin C; analog cell computers; real time fish memory; ant-pitcher plant mutualism
Cell-Based Computing Goes Analog
Sabrina Richards | May 20, 2013
Synthetic biologists are looking to analog, not digital, circuits to create cell-based calculators that can add, divide, and even perform algorithms.