cell-based circuits

Arming Synthetic Bacteria Against Cancer
Anna Azvolinsky | Jul 20, 2016
Researchers engineer bacteria that deliver an anti-tumor toxin in mice before self-destructing. 
Biological Programming
Tanya Lewis | Apr 1, 2016
A new tool makes programming living cells like writing computer software.
Engineering Life
Caleb J. Bashor, Timothy K. Lu, Ahmad S. Khalil | Aug 1, 2013
Cellular “tinkering” is critical for establishing a new engineering discipline that will lead to the next generation of technologies based on life’s building blocks.
Cellular Engineering in Context
Ahmad S. Khalil, Timothy K. Lu, Caleb J. Bashor | Jul 31, 2013
Designing circuits in living cells is messy business.
Week in Review, May 20–24
Bob Grant | May 24, 2013
Journals plagiarizing journals; new immune cells combat diabetes; TB-killing vitamin C; analog cell computers; real time fish memory; ant-pitcher plant mutualism
Cell-Based Computing Goes Analog
Sabrina Richards | May 20, 2013
Synthetic biologists are looking to analog, not digital, circuits to create cell-based calculators that can add, divide, and even perform algorithms.