cell metabolism
A Different Way of Doing Things
A Different Way of Doing Things
Kivanç Birsoy and David M. Sabatini | Mar 31, 2016
Cancer cells exhibit altered metabolic processes that may serve as promising targets for new therapies.
Cartographer of Metabolic Pathways Dies
Edyta Zielinska | Jun 4, 2012
A biochemist who mapped the ways in which molecular pathways interact passed away at age 96.
Live Slow, Die Old
Ed Yong | May 17, 2012
Ancient bacteria living in deep-sea sediments are alive—but with metabolisms so slow that it’s hard to tell.
Biota Babble
Edyta Zielinska | Feb 29, 2012
Editor's choice in immunology
Fasting Heightens Chemotherapy Benefits
Hannah Waters | Feb 8, 2012
Starvation paired with cancer drugs slowed or stopped unchecked cell growth in yeast and mouse models of cancer, outpacing or matching the isolated effects of chemo.