child care
Baby on Board
Baby on Board
Kerry Grens | Sep 1, 2017
Many scientific conferences offer child care options that allow researchers to bring their families along for the trip.
Croatia Extends Vaccine Mandate
Croatia Extends Vaccine Mandate
Jef Akst | Mar 27, 2014
A constitutional court upholds the requirement that Croatian children be vaccinated for hepatitis, measles, pertussis (whooping cough), diphtheria, and more.
Medical Marijuana for Kids?
Medical Marijuana for Kids?
Aimee Swartz | Jul 17, 2013
The drug has brought relief to children suffering from cancer and other serious ailments, but getting access is often limited by considerable regulatory hurdles.
Neglected Babies Develop Less Myelin
Edyta Zielinska | Sep 17, 2012
Mice raised in isolation from their mothers developed cognitive deficits similar to those of babies raised in orphanages where physical contact is infrequent.
In Times of Trouble
Kerry Grens | Aug 1, 2012
Scientists share their experiences weathering extremely stressful events without letting their careers get completely derailed.
Epigenetic Effects of Childhood
Cristina Luiggi | Oct 21, 2011
Living conditions in early life can have lasting, widespread effects on DNA methylation.
The Ups and Downs of Fatherhood
Cristina Luiggi | Sep 13, 2011
Caring for a child can suppress testosterone levels in men.
Taking Time for Baby
Bob Grant | Mar 1, 2011
Having a child changes everything. But it doesn’t necessarily have to disrupt your research while you’re out on leave.