conflict of interest
Selling an Anthrax Scare?
Selling an Anthrax Scare?
Kate Yandell | May 21, 2013
A US government advisor warned officials of the dangers of antibiotic-resistant anthrax while profiting from antitoxin sales.
Cancer Institute Frustrated with Leadership
Cancer Institute Frustrated with Leadership
Edyta Zielinska | Apr 2, 2013
Researchers responding to a survey at MD Anderson Cancer Center report low morale due to their president’s leadership style.
Call for Conflict Hub
Call for Conflict Hub
Dan Cossins | Dec 3, 2012
Biomedical groups propose a simplified system for the disclosure of potential conflicts of interests.
Sanctioned Psychiatrist Off Restriction
Jef Akst | Aug 14, 2012
Charles Nemeroff, who was barred from receiving grants for 2 years in 2008, snags $401K from the NIH to study PTSD.
Opinion: Bias Is Unavoidable
Lisa Cosgrove | Aug 7, 2012
Simply disclosing conflicts of interest is not enough.
Off-Label Drug Disclosure Inadequate
Hayley Dunning | Aug 7, 2012
Some 85 percent of researchers involved in promoting off-label drug use do not adequately disclose financial conflicts of interest in published articles.
Playing Fair with Industry
Sabrina Richards | Jun 13, 2012
The American Association of University Professors releases recommendations for maintaining academic freedom while collaborating with industry.
Opinion: What’s Wrong with COI?
Opinion: What’s Wrong with COI?
Thomas P. Stossel | Jun 12, 2012
Financial “conflicts of interest” should not be so quickly condemned. Industry relationships are unequivocally beneficial.
Overhauling Industry-Sponsored Studies
Bob Grant | May 23, 2012
Major pharmaceutical companies have agreed to a handful of recommendations aimed at increasing the transparency of clinical trials they fund.
Dangers of Disclosure
Ruth Williams | Apr 25, 2012
Editors at PLoS Medicine suggest that merely disclosing conflicts of interest is insufficient and possibly even counterproductive.