crowd sourcing
Fighting Canavan Disease
The Scientist Staff | Apr 30, 2018
Meet the family seeking to fund research into a rare disease that afflicts their two boys.
Eliza's Story
The Scientist Staff | Apr 30, 2018
Watch the viral video that helped the family of a child with Sanfilippo syndrome raise more than $2 million.
Maps for Disease
Jef Akst | Nov 10, 2014
A collaboration between Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, and other organizations aims to map developing cities across the globe to improve disease response efforts.
GeneHub’s Crowdfunding Flub
Kerry Grens | Sep 29, 2014
A campaign to build a direct-to-consumer genome sequencing service pulls the plug after two days of fundraising.
The Crowd Takes On the Computer
Kerry Grens | May 1, 2014
Gangs of nonexperts are outperforming science’s best efforts at automating biological problem solving.
Biotech, Meet Crowdfunding
Kerry Grens | Feb 13, 2014
Proposed regulations from the US Securities and Exchange Commission have the biotech industry tuning in to the roar of the crowd.  
Gamers to Fight Tree Ailment
Chris Palmer | Aug 20, 2013
A new Facebook game called Fraxinus hopes to crowdsource the solution to protecting the common ash tree from a devastating fungus.
Public Solves Protein Structure
Jef Akst | Sep 18, 2011
Players of an online game that allows users to adjust how proteins are folded have solved a decade-long protein structure mystery.