Misconduct Shakeup
Jef Akst | Jul 3, 2012
The ongoing saga that led to psychologist Dirk Smeesters’s resignation from the Erasmus University Rotterdam has the scientific community discussing new ways to detect data fraud.
Opinion: Politics Doesn’t Threaten Owl
Paul Henson | Apr 30, 2012
A US Fish and Wildlife official responds to the assertion that the northern spotted owl is being mismanaged by government.
Opinion: Saving an Owl from Politics
Dominick A. DellaSala | Mar 26, 2012
The imperiled northern spotted owl faces extinction if efforts enacted to save it continue to put politics ahead of science.
Pick your frog poison
Jessica P. Johnson | May 31, 2011
Human development may destroy natural habitats, but it could also provide amphibians with a safe haven from deadly fungal infections.