drug production
The Age of Pharmabrewing
The Age of Pharmabrewing
Laura Marengo and John D. Loike | Jan 1, 2016
We should not resist developing opiate-producing GM yeast for fear of the technology falling into the wrong hands.
Stem Cells Off the Line
Stem Cells Off the Line
Ronnda L. Bartel | Apr 1, 2014
Researchers work to improve the efficiency of cell therapy manufacturing, while developing procedures to ensure consistent quality.    
Pharma Company Sues FDA
Cristina Luiggi | Jul 10, 2012
The maker of a pregnancy medication takes action against the federal agency for not stopping pharmacies from making and selling cheaper versions of the drug.
Regulations for Biosimilars
Lisa A. Haile and Kimberly K. Egan | Jun 1, 2012
As biologic drug patents begin to expire, generic versions will hit the market—but how will they be regulated?
A Bill to Expedite Drug Production
Jef Akst | Feb 2, 2012
Legislation proposes speeding certain drug applications submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration.