Image of the Day: Pain or O-Face?
Jef Akst | Oct 10, 2018
Expressions of pain and orgasm are distinguishable, study finds.
Criticism for Craig Venter’s “Face-Prediction” Software
Catherine Offord | Sep 11, 2017
The tool cannot predict a person’s face from DNA, say researchers—including some listed as coauthors on the publication. 
Probing Canine Face Recognition
Jef Akst | Mar 4, 2016
Dogs trained to stay still in an MRI machine show activity in the temporal cortex when shown a human face.
Processing Faces
Jef Akst | Jan 21, 2016
Other people’s faces are mapped onto our brains.
Police Sketches Via DNA
Kerry Grens | Jul 1, 2015
For assistance in solving crimes, a company has developed a service that will construct a face based on a genetic sample.
A Face to Remember
Kerry Grens | Nov 1, 2014
Once dominated by correlational studies, face-perception research is moving into the realm of experimentation—and gaining tremendous insight.
Seizing the Opportunity
Kerry Grens | Oct 31, 2014
Ron Blackwell helps neuroscientists map the circuitry of face perception by letting them stimulate his brain with electricity.