The Great Divide
The Great Divide
Didier Schmitt | Dec 1, 2013
A two-way bridge between science and policy is desperately needed.
Interim NSF Director Announced
Interim NSF Director Announced
Jef Akst | Mar 13, 2013
Current NSF Deputy Director Cora Marrett will take over as acting director of the agency at the end of next week when Subra Suresh steps down.
Hard-to-Get Stem Cells
Jef Akst | Dec 14, 2011
More than one quarter of US researchers studying human embryonic stem cells say they’ve had trouble acquiring cell lines of interest.
Stem Cell Funding in Courtā€¦Again
Jef Akst | Sep 20, 2011
Two scientists have appealed the ruling to allow federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research.