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Blue Rush: One Company Leads the Race to Own Marine Genetic Sequences
Ruth Williams | Jun 6, 2018
Almost half of all patents relating to the genes of marine organisms belong to one large international corporation, BASF, a new study reveals.  
Do Patents Promote or Stall Innovation?
Catherine Offord | Jun 1, 2016
A petition recently filed with the Supreme Court triggers renewed debate about the role of patents in the diagnostics sector.
Myriad, Post Mortem
The Scientist Staff | May 31, 2016
David Schwartz of the Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago, Kent College of Law, discusses the impact of the US Supreme Court unanimously striking down Myriad Genetics' patent of human BRCA genes and tests to detect mutations in them.
TS Picks: January 29, 2014
Tracy Vence | Jan 29, 2015
Celebrating lab techs; Myriad settles suits; publish in top-tier journals or perish
Australian Court Upholds Patents on Human Genes
Molly Sharlach | Sep 8, 2014
The Federal Court of Australia rejected an appeal of a ruling that allows companies to patent isolated human genes.
Guidelines for Gene Patent Ruling
Jef Akst | Mar 7, 2014
The USPTO offers guidance to its patent examiners on how to interpret the Supreme Court’s rulings in the recent Myriad and Prometheus cases.
The Scientist on The Pulse #2
Kerry Grens | Jan 8, 2014
Kerry Grens looks back at the biggest science stories in 2013
Genetics Firm Gets Baby-Predicting Patent
Bob Grant | Oct 4, 2013
23andMe denies that its new patent will be used to help couples create designer babies based on personal genetic testing.
Speaking of Science
The Scientist Staff | Aug 1, 2013
August 2013's selection of notable quotes
Another Lawsuit over Genetic Tests
Kate Yandell | Jul 11, 2013
Myriad Genetics, the company originally behind tests for the cancer-associated BRCA mutations, is suing two competitors for patent infringement.
Kate Yandell | Jul 1, 2013
Meet some of the people featured in the July 2013 issue of The Scientist.
Beach Reading
Mary Beth Aberlin | Jul 1, 2013
A vacation from your lab doesn’t have to mean a break from fascinating developments on the life science front.
Week in Review, June 17–21
Jef Akst | Jun 21, 2013
On the gene patent decision; a high-res human brain model; bats’ influence on moths mating calls; toxicants threaten brain health; platelet-driven immunity
Gene Patents Decision: Everybody Wins
Jeffrey M. Perkel | Jun 18, 2013
Last week’s Supreme Court decision to invalidate patents on human genes was a win for patients, independent researchers, and even the wider biotech industry.
Opinion: On Patenting Genes
Joan Ellis | Jun 18, 2013
The scientific community and the impact of the Myriad Genetics Supreme Court decision
Supreme Court Nixes Patenting Human Genes
Dan Cossins | Jun 13, 2013
The Justices have decided that isolated sequences of human DNA are not eligible for patent protection, but rules that artificial sequences can be patented.
Supreme Court Considers Gene Patents
Dan Cossins | Apr 16, 2013
A decision will not be reached until later in the year, but the United States’ top justices appear to be inclined to rule against the validity of patenting human genes.
Should Human Genes be Patented?
Edyta Zielinska | Dec 3, 2012
The Supreme Court agrees to hear a case deciding if two cancer genes should continue to be protected by patent.
Court Rules Gene Patents Valid
Cristina Luiggi | Aug 17, 2012
Myriad Genetics can hold patents on the BRAC1 and BRAC2 oncogenes, but not on tests comparing DNA sequences.
Watson Opposes Gene Patents
Jef Akst | Jul 19, 2012
James Watson files a brief in the ongoing legal case over Myriad Genetics’ right to hold patents on the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.