Image of the Day: Delayed Gratification
Image of the Day: Delayed Gratification
The Scientist Staff | Jul 7, 2017
Eighty years ago, a Neanderthal femur dating back more than 120,000 years was recovered from a Southwestern Germany cave. Now, the ancient bone reveals new clues about the bedfellows of human ancestors. 
German Minister Resigns
German Minister Resigns
Kate Yandell | Feb 12, 2013
The minister of education and research has stepped down after being stripped of her doctorate following accusations of plagiarism.
German Politician’s PhD Revoked
German Politician’s PhD Revoked
Dan Cossins | Feb 7, 2013
The German minister for science and education has been stripped of her PhD after she was found guilty of plagiarizing chunks of the dissertation she wrote in 1980.
Deadly Trait Combo Arms German E. coli
Megan Scudellari | Jun 27, 2011
The virulent strain that has killed 48 people produces Shiga toxin and sticks to the intestinal wall.
Sprouts spawn deadly E. coli
Megan Scudellari | Jun 13, 2011
Authorities conclude contaminated beans and bean sprouts from a German farm were the source of the recent E. coli outbreak in Europe.
E. coli epidemic baffles doctors
Cristina Luiggi | Jun 3, 2011
A highly virulent strain of E. coli that has already killed two people and infected around 800 (most of whom live or had visited northern Germany) has proved an enigma for epidemiologists.