Health Research
Fighting Fire with Fire
Kerry Grens | Jan 30, 2014
Exposing severly allergic children to progressively larger amounts of peanut flour desensitizes them over time, a study shows.
NIH Appoints New Advisors
Edyta Zielinska | May 7, 2013
Ten fresh faces will join the panel of experts that helps identify areas of emerging scientific opportunity.
Researchers, Hire Hackers
Zeke Nierenberg and Martina Steurer-Muller | May 1, 2013
Clinical researchers need programming support to streamline their work, minimize error in the data, and find new trends that can point to better treatments.
Skimping on Research Funds
Beth Marie Mole | Oct 25, 2012
Research spending dropped $4 billion dollars in 2011, and could continue to drop, according to a new report.