intelligent design
Arizona Moves to Alter Wording About Evolution in Education
Catherine Offord | May 25, 2018
Proposed changes to the state’s school science standards would emphasize that parts of the theory are “not proven.”
Texas Education Board Reaches Compromise on Science Standards
Kerry Grens | Apr 24, 2017
The state’s board of education approves new standards that ease up on having students dig into scientific issues relevant to “intelligent design” arguments.
Science Teaching Standards up for Revision in Texas
Kerry Grens | Feb 9, 2017
Despite a committee of educators recommending the removal of language challenging evolution in science curricula, state education board members vote to reintroduce controversial concepts. 
Paper Containing Creationist Language Pulled
Bob Grant | Mar 7, 2016
PLOS ONE says a breakdown in the peer-review process led to the publication of a now-retracted biomechanics paper that made reference to a “Creator.”
Anti-science in Tennessee Classrooms
Bob Grant | Apr 12, 2012
A new law opens the door to teaching creationism and climate change denialism in the state's public schools.